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7" Hd Dslr Monitor 1080p M/ Hdmi
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7" Hd Dslr Monitor 1080p M/ Hdmi

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7" HD DSLR Monitor 1080P m/HDMI 7" HD DSLR Monitor 1080P m/HDMI, spesielt tenkt brukt som ekstra monitor på fotoapparat video kamera etc. Dette er en monitor med spesielt gode egenskaper og med mange tilkoblingsmuligheter. Skjermen leveres med solskjerming og er derfor spesielt egnet under vansklige lysforhold. i tillegg leveres det også med standard feste for kamera/video. Monitoren har meget god sidevisning 120 grader horisontalt og 140 grader vertikalt. Monitoren kan også selvsagt brukes til mange andre formål også f. eks GPS, DVD, Spill etc. Monitoren leveres med ett 2200mAh oppladbart batteri Se spesifikasjonen..! Step Your Game Up This on-camera monitor for DSLR cameras and camcorders provides a clear and accurate image of what´s being recorded without having to look through your camera´s tiny built-in monitor. This makes framing, focusing and previewing faster and easier than before- while allowing you to position the monitor at different angles without being forced to keep your eye level with the back of the camera. The E157 HD DSLR monitor connects to your camera´s hot shoe adapter, provides HDMI and BNC YPbPr inputs and comes with a 2200mAh battery for run-and-gun shooting. Continue reading to get the full scoop. Great Outdoor Performance The E157 is one of our brightest monitors yet thanks to the enhanced 450 cd/m2 backlight. This produces a crystal clear picture and shows colors vividly when used under sun light. Additionally, a light-hood is also provided to ensure a perfect picture under excessive lighting conditions as well as image adjustments like color temperature, red, green, blue adjustments, image flip and more. High Contrast Ratio Professional camera crews and photographers require accurate color representation on their field monitor, and the E157 provides just the same. The LED matte display has a 500:1 color contrast ratio so colors are rich and vibrant, and the matte display prevents any unnecessary glare or reflection. Wide Viewing angles The display on the E157 remains perfectly viewable 120 degrees horizontally and 140 degrees vertically (from the center point). You can be standing adjacent to the monitor and still experience a perfectly clear picture. This feature is useful for when there are multiple cameramen and a director standing around the one monitor to view content. Nobody will get a distorted picture. At a Glance... Super bright 1080P HD DSLR 7 inch monitor Anti-glare screen works great even under sun light High Contrast Ratio: 500:1 Wide viewing angle: 140V / 120H degrees HDMI, BNC YPbPr and composite video inputs Comes with HDMI cable and remote control Full image control: color temp, red, green, blue and more Connects to hot shoe, shoulder mount and more Uses standard tripod threads at bottom and side for mounting OEM price - $450 cheaper than same branded version Manufacturer Specifications Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 Resolution Support: 1920 x 1080(max) Screen Size: 7 inch Display Ratio: 16:9, 4:3 Brightness: 450cd/m2 Contrast: 500:1 Viewing Angle (degrees): 50/70, 70/70 (L/R, U/D) Signal Input: -HDMI -BNC YPbPr component -BNC composite video x2 -BNC Audio Adjustments: - Image flip - Image invert - Brightness - Contrast - Saturation - Tint - Horizontal position - Vertical Position - Red, Green and Blue adjustment - Color temperature: 6500K, 7500K, 9300K Remote Controller: Yes Mount: Hot shoe (uses standard tripod screw) Power Source: 2200mAh removable battery Battery Charger:100-240V wall adapter- 12V output Battery Life: 2-3 hours on full charge Power Consumption: <8w Languages: English, Chinese Dimensions: W:190 x L:133 x D:40 (mm) Manufacturers Ref: PROYF062JH624 Product Notes Can mount to any existing equipment using the screw holes (standard tripod thread) at the bottom and side. Can also be used an external monitor for DVD, gaming GPS and more. Package Contents for Model ITS-E157 7 inch HD Monitor User Manual - English Remote Control Light hood HDMI Cable Hot shoe mount Battery Power Adapter (100-240v) Frequently Asked Questions Can I use this HD monitor with my camcorder? Yes, so long as you have a way of mounting it to your camcorder. Most people who use this with their camcorders already have a steady cam rig or shoulder rig, so it can mount with your existing hardware by using the tripod screws located at the bottom and side of this device. Can I install this HD monitor in my car? Yes, you can place it anywhere you wish. This product is not limited to DSLR use and can be used in many scenarios including gaming, DVD, GPS and more.

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