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7" Nakkestøtte Monitor Sort
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7" Nakkestøtte Monitor Sort

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Dette er en nakkestøtte monitor som også kan monteres på fot som følger med. Kan også kobles til ryggekamera da med automatisk omkobling om ønskelig. A quick and easy way of keeping the back seat drivers quiet? - mount this 7-Inch Headrest TFT LCD Monitor. The vibrant high quality screen will show all your movies and TV brilliantly and an auto switch to rearview system is available when backing a car to insure the safety. Manufacturer Specifications * Double-channel video input * NTSC/PAL (auto switch) * Display Size: 7.0 inches * Chip: UP CMOS * Resolution: 480x234 RGB * Visual Angle: 130, Brightness: 400, Contrast: 350 * AV Chromatic System: NTSC/PAL (auto switch) * Working Power: DC11-14V, Working Current: 800mA * Operation Temperature: -10-50 Celsius * Input Port: Double-channel video input * Function: OSD menu, rear view system, AV (CD, VCD, DVD, GPS, camera) * Dimensions: 20.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 2 cm (L x W x D) Package Contents * Model ITS-7019-BLACK LCD Monitor * Multifunction remote control * User manual * Bracket * Cable Set

Plassering: Hanesbakken 102, 3729 Skien

Pris: kr 798,-

Opprettet på: 12:15 PM Opprettet av: Vidar
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