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Apex 3 + Trapes + Leash + Dvd
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Apex 3 + Trapes + Leash + Dvd

Komplett kite (med bar/liner, leash/sikkerhetslenke, trapes/sele og opplærings DVD) Apex er den perfekte kite for mye moro på fjellet for liten og stor.

Leveres i størrelsene 3m/5m/7.5m/10m The new Apex 3 has been refined to provide an outstanding level of performance and handling.

Beginners will feel comfortable from the first flight while seasoned kiters will enjoy the powerful, reliable and stable flight characteristics that make the Apex popular with snowkiters accessing deep powder in the backcountry.

The stability, depower and turning speed have been increased.

With quicker acceleration the Apex 3 will create more power when looping - perfect for climbing slopes in the mountains.

The Apex remains the tool of choice for predictable handling in extreme conditions * new double-pulley speedsystem * new bar and chickenloop * new technical backpack * good turning kite and comfortable barfeeling * high depower for max.

safety and high wind performance * effective dirt-out system * made for snow, land and buggy

Price: kr 5 400,-

Opprettet på: 07:59 PM Opprettet av: NorKite.com
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