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Apexi Turbo Timer, Ny I Eske Kr.500.- Med Frakt.
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Apexi Turbo Timer, Ny I Eske Kr.500.- Med Frakt.

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500.- MED frakt....400.- ved henting. The Apex Auto Timer allows the vehicle to idle for a preset amount of time after the ignition key has been removed. This prevents hot oil in the engine from "coking" (solidifying) in the lines or center section of a turbo. Proper cool down is essential for a healthy engine. The Auto Timer stands as a technological marvel. The pen shaped, compact size makes the Auto Timer one of the smallest turbo timers on the market. This allows a clean and stylish installation virtually anywhere inside the car. The unique multi angle joystick button allows easy navigation through the many feature menus. Upgraded in every way from the previous model, the new Auto Timer can automatically determine the necessary amount of idle time. A Manual Mode allows the user to preset desired idling times from 0 sec.~10 minutes in 16 increments. By inputting O2 sensor voltage, the Timer can also display theoretical air fuel ratio. Since the Auto Timer uses the factory O2 sensor which is primarily designed for emissions, the readings may not be as accurate as facing air fuel ratio monitors, however Timer readings are very close. The Timer can also display critical data such as O2 sensor voltage and Battery Voltage.

Plassering: Møllergata 31, 2170 Fenstad

Pris: kr 500,-

Opprettet på: 12:20 AM Opprettet av: Rune
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