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Apple Ipod / Iphone Kit Til Mercedes 94-98
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Apple Ipod / Iphone Kit Til Mercedes 94-98

Ubrukt iPod/iPhone interface til din originale mercedes bilstereo.

Selges med ipod/iphone kabel og kabel for tilkobling til stereo (erstatter en evnt cdskifter).

Enkel montering.

Kan hentes i Trondheim, eller sendes mot forskudd.

Passer også til andre bilmerker, men da med egen kabel, for detaljer se: http://www.gromaudio.com/index.html Mercedes any model 94-98( not compatible with ML series ) GROM Audio Adapter is a digital interface that is designed to seamlessly integrate your iPod into almost any vehicle.

It provides direct audio interface to a car stereo via the CD changer port.

GROM Audio interface insures CD quality sound from iPod to car stereo speakers.

It allow to "fool" your stereo into thinking that fully featured CD changer is plugged in.

This way you can have thousands of tracks divided into playlists or full shuffle mode if you wish.

Endless amount of music ! Main features and functionality: - Direct connection from iPod to car stereo provides CD quality sound - GROM Audio translates button presses from your car stereo or steering wheel to the particular command iPod can understand - Enables easy integration into the car system.

Place it anywhere, control from the car stereo - Charges iPod while connected Product advantages: - High quality components ensure the highest quality sound possible in a car - Simple operation ensures flexibility and no ramp up time to use - Original car's harness fits just right in your car and require no additional tools or adjustments for mounting.

Simple plug-n-play installation saves you time and money.

* Disk 1 allow to control iPod from its clicking wheel.

Select your music from iPod and have it played.

Stereo still can control iPod * Disk 2-6 mapped to playlists you create on iPod.

Full control from car stereo.

The following information is displayed: Disk #, Track #, time etc * MIX, REPEAT work as usual * SCAN allow to skip +-10 tracks for faster navigation (only in Advanced mode) * Playlist positions are preserved for fast operation Specs: - Native iPod connector for audio, charge and control data - Dimensions 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 (W x D x H) - Original harness to connect to the back of the stereo Compatibility: - 4th Gen iPod and newer, Nano 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen, iPod Video, iPod Photo, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone Note: The new 3G iPhone and new iPOD Touch and iPOD nano-chromatic will work with this interface but the devices will NOT charge when connected! No more need to fumble with your iPod while driving - use car stereo buttons to operate your iPod.

Forget about FM transmitters or glimsy speakers on a holder.

Price: kr 750,-

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