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Avolites Tiger Touch Console
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Avolites Tiger Touch Console

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Avolites Tiger Touch er en kraftig trømlinjeformet Touch-skjerm versjon av Avolites berømte og mest populære ´live´ lyskonsoll med Titan software. The new Avolites Tiger Touch represents The Definitive Hybrid console. A hybrid of powerful Diamond 4 functionality coupled with the friendly Pearl interface - unquestionably the industries favourite! A hybrid of fast, accessible, hands on´ control working in conjunction with the intuitive touch screen. This responsive, wide screen, touch interface provides a constantly evolving software skin which envelopes the high performance hardware platform. Avolites Tiger Touch, the seamless link between functionality and form. Attribute Control Window TheAttribute View Window´ control gives a fast and intuitive alternative to editing with the encoder wheels or key pad. The colour picker, shown here, gives instant HSL, Hue, Saturation and Luminosity control of colour mix flags or RGB LED fixtures. The second screen grab below shows the Attribute Window Tool providing video thumbnails and live preview for video media servers. Cue List View and Channel Grid View Tapping once on the Playback area for any cue list opens the Cue List View´. Tapping a second time on the display opens theChannel Grid View´ for the currently Live´ cue. Both views are programmer interactive where fade times, attribute times, playback properties and channel levels may be quickly and easily edited and updated. Spreadsheet functions such as copy, paste andselect range to edit´ provide a powerful editing tool for cues, pallets and chase steps. Playback Displays and Workspace View The Tiger Touch and Expert Touch Wing provide comprehensive, detailed Playback information. The display for each Playback displays the cue legend Fade In and Out Times and 0% Fade progress. The IPCGBES display shows what channel types are recorded in the cue to quickly identify full or part cues. Where the Playback contains a chase, the beat is shown on a progress bar and for cue lists the legend of the Live and Next cues are shown. The workspace is the area containing the user configurable windows. The types of workspace window include Groups´,Fixtures´, Pallets´,Shapes´ and `Attribute´ controllers such as the colour picker. Many user defined workspace views may be saved and recalled from the workspace pallet. Theatre playback offers overall Master Level and separate control for In fade, Out fade and LTP fades. Multiple timed cues within cue lists all containing text legends and notes. Cues can Autoload other playbacks and run macros to configure the console. Theatre controls include Go, Stop and Fade Reverse functions.

Plassering: Bygdinvegen 2326, 2940 Heggenes

Pris: kr 78 000,-

Opprettet på: 05:20 AM Opprettet av: Vidar
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