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Brakke, Kontor, Container, Modulbygg
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Brakke, Kontor, Container, Modulbygg

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VIA-S modular houses AB manufacture different kind of modular houses after your needs. We have a different exterior, interior materials and floor plans. Just all you need is an idea, and desire to fulfil it and a place where to construct the building. We will do the rest. The modules produced by VIA-S modular houses AB are suitable for Scandinavian weather conditions since appropriate mechanically durable materials are used in combination with required heat isolation. Modules are suitable for living within all year. Modular houses can be adapted to various settings. They are an excellent alternative for fundamental buildings, and they are the only solution in places where construction is not possible due to various conditions, or when premises are needed for a comparatively short period of time. Contact us to get more information and to find a suitable solution for you. Also more information about us in homepage: www.via-s.se

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