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Cr162 Core Rc Sensor Checking Widget
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Cr162 Core Rc Sensor Checking Widget

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Detaljer: The new CORE RC Sensor Widget is a fantastic tool for anyone who runs a brushless set up. As experienced users will know sensors in brushless motors and sensor wires are a problematic area and cogging and non starting is a common issue. The Sensor Widget makes testing the sensor signals from a brushless motor quick and easy. Most common faults can be detected, and prevent wasted track time. In addition to testing the signals from the motor, it can also be used to check sensor cables for damage. Simply plug motor and sensor wire into the connector on the right side of the widget and view the LED light sequence to determine a fault.

Plassering: David Blidsgt 3a, 1850 Mysen

Pris: kr 189,-

Opprettet på: 03:41 AM Opprettet av: Vidar
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