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Dts Xm-1200 Eb Moving Head Spot
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Dts Xm-1200 Eb Moving Head Spot

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2 stk DTS XM-1200 spot selges svært billig! Den ene er helt ny og den andre har kun kjørt noen få timer. Vi selger disse samlet inklusive 8 stk. Philips MSR-1200 pærer til kun 35.000,- Nypris er ca. 40.000 pr. stk! The XM 1200 SPOT is a new moving-head light fitted with a discharge 1200 W lamp (MSR 1200/SA), particularly suitable for use in concerts, shows, tours and special events, as well as in clubs, theatres, TV studios, permanent installations and all other applications requiring a light with high luminous output and a full set of functions. The XM 1200 SPOT incorporates motorized focussing, a 13°-31° motorized zoom with autofocus, motorized iris, 2 gobo wheels (6 indexable 16 bit gobos + open each), with extractable gobo holders to change gobos rapidly in any working condition, CMY linear colour mixing system + colour wheel (7 colours + open), 3 rotating prisms, frost, Pan / Tilt locking system and electronic or magnetic ballast. XM 1200 SPOT E.B. (Cod. 03.E1320.E.LAMP) * Electronic ballast 90V - 245V 50/60 Hz * Black colour XM 1200 SPOT E.B. (Cod. 03.E1320.E.03.L) * Same features * White colour XM 1200 SPOT (Cod. 03.E1320.LAMP) * Electromagnetic ballast: selectable power 220/230/240V 50/60 Hz * Black colour XM 1200 SPOT (Cod. 03.E1320.03.L) * Same features * White colour Lamp Lamp: Philips MSR 1200/SA Automatic re-strike of lamp in case of accidental switching off. Lamp on/off via DMX; reset via DMX. Attenuation of lamp power in case of overheating Power saving mode (reduction of consumption to 650 W three seconds after shutter closure) Optical unit 4 lenses with multi-coated treatment Cold-mirror parabolic faceted reflector with dichroic treatment Light efficiency: > 20,000 Lux at 5 metres. Focus Motorized focus Zoom Motorized linear zoom 13° - 31° with auto-focus (zoom ratio 2.6:1; focal length 55-165 mm) Dimmer / shutter / strobe Linear dimmer Shutter Mechanical strobe (from 0.86 flashes/sec to 6.6 flashes/sec); electronic strobe (from 6.5 flashes/sec to 25 flashes/sec). Colours CMY linear colour generation (6 palettes) Colour wheel: 7 colours + open (linear selection) 3200°K colour conversion filter Gobos 2 gobo wheels (personalizable): 6 rotating and indexable gobos (16 bit) each Gobo change with synchronized blackout Extractable gobo holders Effects Rotating and indexable beam shaper (0°-180°). 3 indexable prisms rotating in both directions (3, 4 and 5 facets) Frost filter Iris Motorized iris Pan / Tilt Pan 540° (5,6 sec.) Tilt 270° (4,3 sec.) 16-bit resolution Pan / Tilt locking system 3 different speed ranges with fine control available: fast / standard / slow Automatic Pan/Tilt repositioning in case of knocks Internal microcomputer 30 DMX channels Connections 2 XLR connectors (In and Out) with 3 and 5 poles selectable by user Power supply Electronic ballast: Universal power supply 90 - 245 V (50/60 Hz); Power consumption: 1300 W Electromagnetic ballast: Selectale power 220V / 230V / 240V 50/60 Hz; Power consumption: 1300 W Accessories supplied Bracket for truss installation Thermal Operating ambient temperature -10° / 40° Weight 44 Kg (XM1200 SPOT E.B.); 54 Kg (XM1200 SPOT)

Plassering: Akersbakken 12, 0172 Oslo

Pris: kr 35 000,-

Opprettet på: 08:00 PM Opprettet av: Carl August Tidemann
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