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Dynacord - Powermate 1000 - Supertilbud!
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Dynacord - Powermate 1000 - Supertilbud!

Til salgs:

Tilbudet gjelder så langt lagret rekker! 10 kanals mikser med 2x700 watt (4 ohm) forsterker. Info: All the function groups of the PowerMate are 100% professional in terms of their design and specification. First comes the mixing section, where you will find high-quality, discrete microphone preamps, new, dustproof ALPS faders (specially developed for the PowerMate) with very high attenuation even in the HF range, 48V phantom power switchable to the channels in groups of six and a dynamic range that would put most dedicated professional mixers to shame. AX 3+4 are separately switchable pre/post fader. Then come the ultra-effi cient Class H power amplifi ers, which now deliver 2 x 700 W into 4 Ohms (PM 1000 and 1600). They are equipped with dynamic limiters, an extensive range of protections and the pateted LPN fi lter for clearly improved bass performance. Finally in the effects section, the two digital effects processors offer 99 studio quality presets each and are individually foot-switchable. On top of these, there are many other useful features deigned to solve special problems, such as the two feedback fi lters, the vocal voicing fi lter and the standby switch. This is a powered mixer that can also be used as a pure mixer, with power amplifi ers every bit as good as dedicated 19" concert sound aplifi ers, and studio quality effects specially optimised for live performance. Housed in a robust case with a sturdy metal lid, the PowerMate is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. Nothing else sounds like it. Nothing else performs like t. And nothing is as reliable. Veil. pris: 26.799.-

Plassering: Kongensgate 17 B, 1530 Moss

Pris: kr 8 999,-

Opprettet på: 01:50 AM Opprettet av: Vidar
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