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Ego Look Integrert Håndsfri Til Bil
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Ego Look Integrert Håndsfri Til Bil

EGO LOOK - Revolutionize your ride! The new benchmark in the next generation Bluetooth multimedia hands-free car kits is clearly the EGO LOOK.

Innovative features, like playing music via Bluetooth, voice recognition, high definition 2.2 inch color display, wireless remote control, and much more make the EGO LOOK matchless! The music playback pauses during calls and resumes afterwards.

The design of the 2.2 inch color display and wireless remote control makes this multimedia car kit easy to operate and will enhance your car?s interior.

The display provides all the important information, such as caller ID, phonebook entries, call logs, text messages, battery status and more.

Industry leading and intuitive voice recognition makes dialing numbers in your phonebook a breeze, ensuring the maximum in safety and convenience while on the road.

Click here to see the latest Competitive Audio Test between the EGO LOOK and other Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kits.

EGO LOOK | Features Wireless remote control with rotary switch Voice recognition (speech-to-text, no training required) Supports phone based voice commands High definition 2.2 inch color display (65,000 colors) Phonebook download (up to 10,000 entries) Privacy mode Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP and AVRCP) Reads out and displays text messages Bluetooth audio playback pauses during active calls and resumes afterwards Integrates and mutes car?s stereo system Supports mobile phone voice commands Built-in voice commands Shows last dialed numbers, missed calls, and received calls DSP technology for noise and echo cancellation (view audio test results) Stereo output with low noise pre-amps for superior sound quality Auxiliary stereo input (loop through) for external music players like iPod External noise suppressing microphone Accommodates up to 10 different user profiles Software update via Bluetooth Complies with all hands-free laws 3 languages available (English, Spanish, French) 2-Year Limited Warranty Command and display unit dimensions: 2 11/16 x 2 7/8 x 1 1/2 (inch) Note: Most features depend on the mobile phones' Bluetooth capabilities.

Please contact us for more information.

EGO LOOK | Wiring The EGO LOOK comes with a standard ISO wiring harness.

We highly recommend using a vehicle specific wiring harness, which is available here.

EGO LOOK | System Contents Control unit Command and display unit Wireless remote control Microphone Wiring harness Quick guide http://www.egohandsfree.com/products/34-products/48-ego-look.html

Price: kr 800,-

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