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Eilersen Control Texas Sjeselong
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Eilersen Control Texas Sjeselong

Designet av Jens Juul Eilersen.

Kraftig sort skinn som heter Texas.

Denne modellen heter Control og er 185cm lang og 85 cm bred.

Du kan velge om du vil ligge/sitte med beina horisontalt eller nedover.

Jeg har ikke nakkestøtten som er avbildet.

Control is the ultimate reclining chair.

Here you can control your sitting and lying position down to the smallest detail.

Control is made up of four independent sections which give the chair an unusually flexible anatomy.

Rest, read or watch TV? Neck and foot support can be varied with 2 positions and the 3-step backrest programme varies the sitting and lying position.

There are two pockets on the back of control for your favourite magazines and newspapers.

The upholstery and built-in comfort zones guarantee the unique sitting quality which is eilersens trademark.

It is almost as if the actual frame is moulded based on the anatomy of the body.

The seat is constructed as a sandwich of three layers of foam with various grades of hardness and is finished with a layer of pre-compressed fibrefill which wraps around your body and ensures that control keeps its shape.

Price: kr 13 000,-

Opprettet på: 06:36 PM Opprettet av: Michael
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