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Emmaljunga Nitro City (2013)

Emmaljunga Nitro City (2013)

Beskrivelse Brown Flower Emmaljunga Nitro City used a child now on sell. There are swiveling front wheels and in winter can be replaced with winter wheels so that it becomes easier to get around in the snow. Emmaljunga proof supplied carriage.white Leather coating design . It comes with the following accessories:- Fottrekk- Vinterhjul- Brio changing bag - Tinkafu cup holder There is shading and insect integrated in pram hood. It also provides 1 x rain cover. The seat unit is reversible so the child can either sit ahead to keep up with what's going on or against you as pushchairs stroller. When it's heavy snow you can change the wheel to winter wheel .The winter wheel is new . Best stroller , one will never regret buying this . Tilstand: Brukt

Pris: kr 3 500,-

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