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Exclusive Sale 2011 Eh Kites Rippehr V6 - 7 & 9m Incl. Bar And Lines
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Exclusive Sale 2011 Eh Kites Rippehr V6 - 7 & 9m Incl. Bar And Lines

Exclusive sale 2010 directly from factory to Norway Enjoy the style designed and tested by the best riders of Dominican Republic.

Sail with one of the best pioneering brands in flat profiles for sea and snow, with one of the best custom made boards.

Approach to its superb philosophy of kite, of its team and people and overall of its superb and only work in its country of Origin, Dominican Republic, where the great designer Eric Hertsens has been forming its exclusive team helping Dominican boys to leave its borders towards the outside being given to know this great sport.

Thanks to the philosophy of their creator, EH kiteboarding offers the best prices of the market and the best quality.

Rippehr V6 - Design specification * Easy high wind control * Short and gradual 85% de-power * 15knot wind range and excellent gust absorption.

* Fast, no stall, pivot turning Targeted use * Medium to strong winds.

* Strong gusty wind.

* The intermediate to expert all disciplines.

Bar-Line recommendations The bar comes with 23 lines and 4M extensions, depending the wind conditions and your skill level you can extend the top end by removing the 4M extensions.

Removing the extensions will also speed up the larger sizes.

Kite incl.

Bar, lines and pump Delivery: Approx.

20 days delivery Sales Norway Juan Manuel Mustieles (eng/span) mob 45696542 Hilde Lundseng (norw) mob 99047594

Price: kr 5 900,-

Opprettet på: 09:31 PM Opprettet av: Juan Manuel Mustieles
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