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Expedition 7' 2-12g 4-pce

Expedition 7' 2-12g 4-pce

Beskrivelse Changes in technology have led to astonishing advances in rod design in the past few years. Our philosophy is to understand modern materials and processes so that we can harness them to deliver the best sport fishing experience. What we have learnt from building fly rods helped us develop the LPXe V2 and Expedition spinning rods. They have a well adapted action for each casting weight. They are lightweight and the four-piece construction makes them convenient to take along when hiking or making a trip.The rods are four piece spinning rods produced in T-36 graphite in an olive green finish with matching green wrappings. All guides are extremely lightweight and have stainless steel inserts. The cork handles are of premium quality, fitted with our Guideline custom butt cap. All Expedition spinning rods come in a cloth bag and with a Cordura tube.Expedition V2 Series - The modelsEXP 7212 | 7’ | 2-12gThis is a good pick for hikers and anglers that want a handy, dependable and lightweight rod in their backpack or bag. It is suitable for fishing in lakes and smaller rivers and creeks where small spinners and spoons or lures are needed. EXP 8625 | 8’ | 6-25gThis rod is slightly more powerful and will be the right choice if you want a rod that will do in a wide variety of fishing situations. It will work as a good all-rounder for trout, perch, pike and also lighter sea trout fishing on the coast.EXP 96414 | 9’6” | 4-14gA lightweight and fast-action rod that casts beautifully and with great accuracy. Thanks to its length, it offers good control in rivers and delivers good distance when you push it a little extra.Model Length Casting WT Rod WT PartsEXP 7212 7' 2-12g 132 4EXP 8625 8' 6-25g 154 4EXP 96414 9’6” 4-14g 188 4 Tilstand: Ny

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