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Freelander 2 Headrest Screen Kit In Ebony Cloth
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Freelander 2 Headrest Screen Kit In Ebony Cloth

Brand New Ebony Black Cloth Freelander 2 Headrest monitors.

Complete with comprehensive fitting instructions THE NORMAL RRP IS £1259.00 THE PART NUMBER IS Genuine Land Rover Part no LR004173 The kit has 2 independent 5.6 inch lcd headrests/ audio video input into the screens is via a central panel located in the console, Any portable device with a composite audio video output can be connected ie portable DVD players , i Pod camcorders, games consoles etc there are 2 inputs to allow each screen to display media from a different source, control is a button on each screen and audio is via dual channel infa red wireless headphones (x1) included in kit.

Price: kr 5 900,-

Opprettet på: 04:54 PM Opprettet av: Ian
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