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High Speed! Waterproof Action Kamera/ Hjelm Kamera (50fps)
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High Speed! Waterproof Action Kamera/ Hjelm Kamera (50fps)

Dette er et high speed kamera som tar opp 50 bilder per sekund.Dette kamera må IKKE forveksles med tilsvarende og helt like kamera av utseende.

Les igjennom spesifikasjonen.

Største forskjellen er hastighet og lagringen som er opptil 4gb på dette kamera.

The Most Versatile Sports Action Camera Ever! The DV30 reaches a new level of versatility with three camera mounting options and a completely waterproof case! This extreme sports camera is designed to capture high quality videos of your favorite extreme sports such as snowboarding, wake boarding, water skiing, boating, jet skiing and underwater exploration.

Continue reading to learn what this amazing product is all about! Mount It Anywhere You Want When it comes to mounting options the DV30 makes no sacrifices.

With three different options available to cover a wide variety of mounting situations, you will never have a problem finding the perfect location to securely attach this sports action camera.

All mounting options include the ability to adjust horizontal and vertical viewing angles so you will always get the perfect camera angle you desire! Mounting options include Rubber Strap - Use the rubber strap with the provided hardware to safely attach the DV30 to slippery surfaces such as the side of a helmet.

Handlebar Grip - Use the handlebar grip to securely mount the DV30 on most bicycle handlebars.

You can also mount this on any other similar sized metal or plastic bar you desire.

Velcro Strap - Use the velcro strap with the provided hardware to securely attach the DV30 to any object you can imagine.

Attach it to your arm, leg, dog or anywhere else you can possibly think of.

You are limited by your imagination only! Convenience In Design With the DV30 you can record video all day long without the stress of power and storage restraints found in similar action camcorders.

This is because the DV30 uses readily available AA batteries instead of rechargeable internal batteries.

Simply replace old batteries when needed and continue recording without the risk of missing a single moment again.

This action camera also records videos directly on SD memory cards, so lack of video storage will never be a issue when using the DV30.

Built To Last Extreme sports demand extreme durability.

When holding the DV30 you will instantly notice the reinforced rubber protective casing and perfectly sealed waterproof camera housing.

Built with durability in mind, you can safely take this camera everywhere you go and never have to worry about damaging your camera due to harsh weather conditions or mild impacts again.

Waterproof Built-in microphone Uses AA batteries Reinforced rubber casing Can mount almost anywhere Supports SD card up to 4 GB Timestamp ON/OFF function Records at 640 x 480 resolution Records AVI video at 50 frames per second Great for all types of action sports such as two or four wheel vehicle racing, skiing, biking, rock climbing, paintballing and skydiving.

Price: kr 1 298,-

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