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Highest Quality Glass Fence (rekkverk) For A Very Good Price!

Highest Quality Glass Fence (rekkverk) For A Very Good Price!

Beskrivelse Our company is producing many different solutions for Glass fence (rekkverk). The type of glass we offer is allways safe – 6, 8, 10, 12mm or more mm thick. It depends on a rekkverk type. Tinted glass, hardet glass, laminated, mirror type- all depends on Your wishes. Steel handrails, connectors, “stenders” You can choose of many types as well: round or quadrangle, with top handrail or without. The steel we offer of “304”- standard, or “316”- extra antirust, usually popular on sea side.To calculate exact rekkverk price, we need to know:1. Style of a rekkverk (You can choose from Our gallery);2. Drawing from the top (it can be simple, made by hand, where we can see corners and measurements);3. Write Your location, please (if needed- to calculate the delivery fee).Get the highest quality production for a very good price! We can also offer many things made of glass: glass roof, glass over the tables, glass steps, glass packages, glass door and etc. Free delivery to Askim, Moss, Drammen, Tonsberg, Larvik, Arendal, Kristiansand, Stavanger...Delivery to other places costs additional.Please, visit our Facebook or Web page, to see a variety of glass fences (rekkverk) and check other albums with our production.www.jonasvinduer.comFacebook: Jonas [email protected]: +37061818619Available on iMessage, Viber. Tilstand: Ny

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