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Infinity Ref 60
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Infinity Ref 60

Gode høyttalere med trykkammer, doble basselementer, biwiring.

Morkne skumringer rundt basselementene.

Dette kan repares hvis man er nevenyttig, og du får en god høyttaler for en hyggelig pris.

(http://www.simplyspeakers.com/infinity-speaker-repar-foam-edge-kits.html) Flott lydbilde med kontrollert, dyp bass og detaljert gjengivelse.

Like god for disco inferno som subtil klassisk musikk.

--- The speaker system of the Tallboy type which adopted the double Woofer drive scheme.

A 20.3cm cone type unit is adopted as low-pass.

Polypropylene and a high rigidity graphite fiber are combined with a diaphragm material, and the IMG (Injection Molded Graphite) cone which raised a moderate internal loss and intensity is adopted.

A 12.7cm IMG cone type unit is adopted as the mid range.

The IMG cone adopted as the mid range chose the mixed ratio of polypropylene and a graphite fiber, and has attained high rigidity by the low-mass.

Furthermore, the dust cap which strengthens rigidity is adopted as the cone center which a physical stress concentrates.

The EMIT-R type unit which improved the EMIT type tweeter by a technology original with Infiniti is adopted as the high region.

A planar diaphragm 3cm in diameter is adopted, and the Tran Gent property, low distortion, and wide-range play which are the special features that an EMIT type tweeter is big are realized.

It is attached in two gilding input terminals corresponding to by amplifier, and the metals foot of the letter of a spike is attached.

Scheme 3 ways, 4 loudspeakers, a sealing scheme, and a floor type Using unit For low-pass: 20.3cm cone type x2 For mid ranges: 12.7cm cone type For high regions: EMIT-R type Frequency band 42Hz - 40000Hz, ?}2.5dB Allowable input 200W Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m Cross over frequency 250Hz, 4000Hz Impedance 6ohms Dimensions Width 266.7x height 965.2x depth of 342.9mm Weight 22.6kg

Price: kr 1 500,-

Opprettet på: 07:52 PM Opprettet av: Gøran
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