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Inspeksjonskamera Med 2,5" Skjerm Og Justerbart Lys
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Inspeksjonskamera Med 2,5" Skjerm Og Justerbart Lys

Inspeksjonskamera med 2,5" skjerm og justerbart lys Med dette kamera kommer du til de mest utilgjengelige steder, med den 1 meter lange svanehalsen som bare har en diameter på 10mm er muligheten store.

Denne er også vanntett og har justerbart lys.

Så her vil du kunne se om det er helt mørkt.

Dette kamera leveres også med verktøy for montering på tuppen av kamera, krok, magnet og speil for å kunne se til siden.

Se spesifikkasjonen..! Introducing the Video Detective - Inspection Camera with Viewscreen, easily see behind every nook and cranny with this handy video borescope.

With its adjustable LED flashlight brightness and extreme camera flexibility, you can reach into even the smallest and darkest places and finally see what's hidden under the refrigerator or what's clogging the sink.

Best of all, everything is available on the convenient 2.4 inch color LCD monitor! Flexible, waterproof, and durable, this multi-purpose Video Inspection Camera is ready for any situation.

Just point the camera at whatever you need to and you can instantly get a nice, close-up view on the 2.4 inch color LCD screen.

So where are some great places to use this handy item? Home and Commercial Air/Water Pipe Cleaning: Helpful in checking pipes before or after cleaning rust, corrosion, dust, blockage.

Also great for finding lost items (rings, jewelry).

Automotive: Identify and improve the quality of engines, gears, chassis, fuel system, etc.

Aviation: Easy and effective for checking turbines, impellers, combustion chamber or fuselages.

Marine: Used to examine diesel engines, pipes, boilers, etc.

Mechanics: Used for detecting defects or wear of engines, examining gear boxes and hydraulic systems.

Save and eliminate down time.

At a Glance...

Video Inspection Camera 2.4 inch color LCD Durable and flexible goose-neck cable Waterproof (IP68) camera Includes magnet, mirror, and hook accessories Manufacturer Specifications Primary Function: Video Borescope / Video Inspection Camera Display: 2.4 Inch TFT LCD Viewing Angle: 54 degrees Lens Sensor Resolution: 320 x 240 Minimum Illumination: 0 LUX Adjustable Light Control: Yes Waterproof Capacity: IP68 (for image head and goose-neck cable) Power Source: 4x AA Batteries (Not Included) Buttons/Ports/Slots: - Power button - Brightness UP button - Brightness DOWN button - Video OUT port (NTSC) Dimensions: Hand-Held Screen: 81x75x62mm (LxWxD) Goose-Neck Cable Length: ~1 meter Outer Diameter of Camera Head: 1cm Outer Diameter of Tube: 6.8mm Product Notes White LED lighting with adjustable brightness Robust and flexible cable 2.4 inch LCD Monitor Waterproof camera head Includes 3 accessories: Hook for recovering parts, magnet for recovering metallic objects (rings, jewelry), mirror for side view watching Package Contents for ITS-I81 Video Detective Inspection Camera User Manual Accessories (Magnet, Hook, Mirror) Video Cable

Price: kr 1 498,-

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