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Internships Around The World
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Internships Around The World

Are you searching for internship?


Univers internships help students finding internships, language schools, volunteer jobs and au pair around the world. We will offer you the best internships in countries such as China, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and USA.


You will experience world’s oldest and mysterious country if you choose destination such as Beijing or Shanghai. In South Africa you will experience wildlife, nature, adventures which will be unforgettable.


There are also other destinations:

  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Ghana
  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador


You will improve your language skills, get experience working in biggest world companies and live in country where you always wanted to be.

Each year we have more positions available thanks to all our partners companies which are situated all over the world.

In order to start the programs with us you can sign in by clicking on the link below:


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