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Jjc Wb-52mm Hvitbalansedeksel
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Jjc Wb-52mm Hvitbalansedeksel

Beskrivelse Get accurate color in difficult lighting with the JJC WB series White Balance Cap, the fast and easy digital white balance cap.

Spend more time shooting and less time on workflow.

The JJC WB Series White Balance Cap is great for use with digital cameras.

Just place the White Balance Cap, point your camera at a subject area, and the incoming light is diffused to create an average white balance for a particular scene.

The White Balance Cap easily slips on to the front of any appropriately sized lens, or a lens with a protective filter.

? Averages Color Temperature of All Light In a Given Scene ? Provides Accurate White Balance Measurement ? Works with Any Digital Camera that has Manual White Balance Feature ? Spend more time shooting and less on workflow ? 100% neutral diffusion Finnes til de fleste dimensjoner

Price: kr 199,-

Opprettet på: 08:00 PM Opprettet av: Fotopia Netthandel AS
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