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Selger min samling med 210 stk.Lp plater og 120 singler. Selges samlet:. Her er NOEN av tittlene: -Chaka Kahan: I feel for you -Randy Crewford: Nightline -Jon English: english History -Yello: One Second -The Housemartins : London o hull 4 -Yello: Stella - The Cure : the top -New Oder -The Rainmakers: -Talk talk - Chris Rea - Sade: Dimond Life - Elton John: too low for zero -U2 : War -Iggy pop: Blah blah blah -MAtt Bianco -Simly Red: Picture Book - Talking Heads: WildWild life -Billy Ocean : Love zone -Thomson Twins: Heres to future days - Deep Purple: Made in Japan -wham: Fantastic -How we live:dry land -The Smiths:The Queen Is dead -Talking heds : wild wild life -Bobby McFerrin: Simple pleasures -The smiths: -jennifer rush: International versons -Harvey Mason. M.V.P -Miami sound Mashine: eyes of innocence -Narada Micheal Walden:Divine emotions -Narada michel walden:The nature of things -Mark Boyce: all over the world -New order:substance -Gregory Abbott: Shake you down -I-ten: Talking the cold look -Heart: Bad animals -Heart: Private auditiion -Wham: Fantastic -U2: war -Elton John: Too low for zero -Billy Ocean. Love zone -Chaka Khan: i feel for you -Dead or alive: You spin me round.. -Evie (1970) -Bjørn Eidsvåg: Songen -U2 live: under a blood red sky -Ken Lassio: Madamme let me try -London boys: The twelve.. -Carola: främling -Mona/sidsel Levin: stian med sekken -George Michael: Faith -East 17: House of love -alphaville: forever young -Modern Talking: Ready for romace -Paul sharada: Boxers -A salt with a pepper: deadly -Mega mix -Barnas topp 12 (1972) m/bla wenche Myhre anita Hegerland, Knutsen og Ludvigsen -Rocky M: Disco Lady -Men without hates: Living in china -Yankee:Mange sider -Liza Minelli: Loosing my mind -Blue System : Body Heat -Queen: Breakthru -The Shamen: Ebeneezer goode -Alphaville: I will wait - Migdure. If I was -Magic summer -Madonna: Like a prayer -Billy Joel: River of dreams -Max mix:collection. -depeche mode: a question of time -London beat: Ive been thinking of you -Broonski beat: Hit that perfect beat -C.c Catch: Heart break hotel - Ønskeplate nr. 1.: div norske artister -Eddy Huntington: USSR -Baltimora: Tarzan Boy -Fancy:Lady of Ice -Fancy: Chineese eyes -Steinar Ofsdal: reisefeber -Barry Blue: Dancing on a saturday night 89 -Mûnchen Freiheis: Everytime -When in Rome: -Bad boys blue: Bad boys best -Vømmølspllemannslag. vømmølen -Raul Orellana: Raul Mix -Seal: -John Inglish; In roads -Pet shop boys: westend girls -ten sharp: You -Divine. walk like a man - Cretu: gambit -sissel kyrkjebø -Boney M: Summer mix -Alesis: stepping up -Ken Lazzlo. Tonight -Saga: worlds apart -Italio Beat. vol 1 -Beat box: Dance out -Glipsy and queen: Love -Smokie: My heat is true -Mike Mareen:Stand up -Larabell: stop when you go -Dollie: første akt -Sten Nilsen: Blyantstumpen og saksa somdro til tegneland -Charleston: den har row -Gary Moore: world frontier -The KLF: Justified and ancient -Best beat ever: -Secret wich: London dancing -Hustle and bustle: p4F -Bananarama: Venus - A flock of seagulls: The more you live -London boys: Harlem desire -Hallgeir Greger: visshet (1978) -Rose: Memories. -Billy idol: -G:G Near: Living in a room - Lee Marrow: - Lipps Inc. : Funky town -Samuelssons: sanger vi gjerne minns vol 3 -Computer: ago - Men without hates: saffely dance - Night fever: Mega Mix -simlpe minds: Its your land -Italo boot mix: : Vol 5 - Italien Boot Mix: vol 4 -Barnas Ønskeplate (1974): alf Prøysen -Popcorn: remix special DJ -Miachel jackson: i cant stop loving you (single) -Pet shop boys/Dusty Springfield. What have i doneto deserve this? (single) -U2. disire -Jørgen slips: Min Borghild -sissel: -Koto : Visitors -Red Box -Kim wilde -jenniffer Rush: international verson -Hard times: Never give in to love. -Cher: love and understanding -Italien Boys: gigolo -Italien style: run to me -Pet shop boys: divice

Plassering: Blindveien 9, 1482 Nittedal

Pris: kr 1 800,-

Opprettet på: 10:03 PM Opprettet av: Guro
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