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Usb Spion Lydopptaker 240 Timer (Its-I141)
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Usb Spion Lydopptaker 240 Timer (Its-I141)

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USB Spion lydopptaker 240 timer (ITS-I141) Dette er en spion mikrofon forkledd som en USB minnepinne. Det er bare å trykke på knappen og opptaket starter. Plugg så minnepinnen i PC `en og du kan spille av lydfilen. Minnepinnen kan ta opp 5 timer på en lading. Se spesifikasjonen..! No software installation. No cables. No batteries. Just press one button and start secretly recording conversations with this USB Flash Drive Spy Audio Recorder! In business you can never be too careful. Remember that time the supplier promised you they´d deliver your order immediately but never followed through on their oral contract until MONTHS later causing you untold financial and time loss? And even when you referred to their previous promise, what was their reaction? "I NEVER said THAT!" You were so furious but what could you do? You kept telling yourself, "if only I had recorded that damn conversation I could sue their sorry asses and get my money back!" Well now you can with this great flash drive audio recorder that stores up to 240 hours of recording! No software installation. No cables. No batteries. Just press one button and start recording. And with its innocent look as a USB flash drive, nobody will ever suspect that you are recording the conversation. When you finish, stick the flash drive into your computer to instantly listen to what´s been recorded. Easy peasy! What´s more, you can also use it to record meetings, press conferences, talks with employees, lecturers and more - all with maximum ease and convenience. At a Glance... 4GB internal memory Up to 240 hours of Audio Recordings Useful for both private and professional use Easy-to-use Manufacturer Specifications Main Function: Digital Voice Recorder (4GB Memory + USB Drive) Memory : 4GB Operating Time: 5 hours on one charge Recording times (4GB) : 240 Hours Playback Formats: WAV USB Device: 2.0 Operating Systems: Windows 98/Me/Vista/XP/ Windows 7 (no drivers required) Dimensions: L:64 x W:20 x D: 7 (mm) Package Contents Flash Drive Spy Audio Recorder User Manual - English

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Pris: kr 298,-

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