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GlacialTech IGLOO 5750 PWM

GlacialTech per il futuro riserva un'evoluzione del modello Igloo, infatti introdurrà il nuovoIGLOO 5750 PWM, adatto sia per piattaforme INTEL sia AMD

GlacialTech IGLOO 5750 PWM

Ecco le caratteristiche:
From there, the Silent version’s double fan quietly and efficiently brings the temperature down. The low decibel (19dB), high volume (30.8 CFM) fans are 92mmx92mmx25mm and run at an ultra-quiet speed of 1800 RPM. The dual fan is a unique concept that not only cools down the radiator, but the added blow down effect also cools down the heatsink directly above the CPU.

Unlike the Silent version of this series, the PWM version has a dual 92mm×92mm×25mm adjustable speed fan setup which brings the temperature down according to your needs, The fan ranges in speed from 800~2500RPM, with a maximum volume throughput of 51.3CFM.

Gianni Marotta



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