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Ocz svela le nuove Pc2- 9600 1200MHz Flex XLC

Sunnyvale, CA—April 17, 2007— Oggi OCZ ha svelato sul mercato il suo novo modello di punta per memorie ultra veloci. Ed ecco quindi disponibili le nuove Ultra-High Speed 1200MHz Flex XLC DDR2!



Commenta Dr. Michael Shuette, Vice Presidente di OCZ Technology, “Memory performance is the key to system performance, in the complexity of today’s workloads, both speed and density are important factors when it comes to choosing memory solutions. The PC2-9600 Flex XLC kits satisfy both needs by providing 2GB of blazing fast DDR2 for even the most demanding applications. Moreover, the flexible cooling solution that can be adapted to either water or air cooling guarantees thermal balance even under extreme data traffic conditions.”





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