Sabato, Set 2021
Ciao Mondo 3!
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Nuovo ATItool 0.27 beta3

E' appena uscita la nuova versione di Atitool la 0.27 beta3 scaricabile dal sito TechPowerUp.
Download Atitoll 0.27beta3

Informazioni utili su la nuova versione.

- Full Vista and XP64 support
- Support for all ATI RV6xx ASICs
- No changes to R600 support in this build
- Better support for multiple adapters
- Latest NVIDIA non-WHQL drivers with some G8x cards not supported
- Better handling of clock step sizes
- Fixed vertex/pixel/unified shader reporting
- Added detection for about 20 older and newer ATI ASICs

11:20 AM CET - Updated the download:
- Fixed crash on X1950 and similar GPUs
- HD2900 can now switch to 3D clocks again



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