Sabato, Set 2021
Ciao Mondo 3!
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Alpha 7 per firefox 3.0

Firefox Ha rilasciato la versione alpha 7 di firefox 3.0

ecco di seguito i punti salienti:

• Support for Mac os X 10.3 (Panther) has been removed. Gecko 1.9 will no longer build or run on Mac OS X 10.3.
• Default visited pages history size 9 to 180 days
• Full page zoom of images, layout and text
• Many fixes for context menus, clipboard, and drag services on Mac OS X.
• Reworking of XUL menus and popups
• document.all now returns a NodeList of elements
• Several new clipboard events).
• A class of wrappers to mediate access between web pages from different origins
• Cross site XMLHttpRequest specification implemented
• A method for opening modal dialogs from content
• Color profile support
• SVG lighting and tile filters
• Support for CSS text-rendering property for Html
• Many fixes to CSS font property bugs
• -moz-border-*-start and -moz-border-*-end CSS properties are implemented
• -moz-initial implemented for all remaining CSS properties except quotes and -moz-border-*-colors
• window.getComputedStyle supports all supported CSS properties
• Dropped SOAP support
• Browser-side support for windowless plugins on Unix/X11

La terza versione arrivera' in ritardo ovvero' per il mese di settembre.

Fonte: Dinoxpc



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